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California's Official Home Page

The California official state home page is a good starting point for finding state government resources, including the governor's office, executive agencies and government services organized topically. Links to indexes of state agencies, counties, cities, business and licensing resources can be found at the bottom of the home page.

Attorney General Opinions

Contains attorney general opinions from 1986 to the present. Users can search entire database of published opinions; browse opinions from 1997 to the present by date; and view pending and newly issues opinions. Describes who can request an attorney general opinion. Answers frequently asked questions about opinions.

Board for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors

License and exam information; search for engineers or land surveyors by name, license number or location and check license status; lists disciplinary actions and citations against licensees, and convictions and citations for unlicensed practice; full text of laws, regulations and policy resolutions pertaining to professional engineers and land surveyors; board forms; Consumer Guide to Professional Engineering and Professional Land Surveying; complaint information and form.

Building Standards Commission

Reviews and approves building standards adopted by state agencies and publishes them in the State Building Standards Code (Title 24, California Code of Regulations). Provides full text of building standards bulletins, policy resolutions and CBSC administrative regulations (Title 24, Part 1); approved and proposed standards changes and model code adoption; emergency standards; code adoption cycle; guidelines on filing petitions and appeals; state agency contacts for code questions and interpretations; list of depository libraries with copies of Title 24 and list of purchase sources for the code; commission meeting schedule; and full text of current and back issues of commission newsletter and bulletins.

CalGOLD: California Government On-Line to Desktop

Database of required California agency business permits organized by county, city and type of permit; provides addresses, telephone numbers and links to agency Web pages.

California Architects Board

Can perform license query by name or license number. Includes licensing, application and renewal information and requirements; exam information; information on reciprocity with other state boards; rules of professional conduct; agreement for California architects associating with design professionals not licensed in California; statutes and regulations, including Architect Practice Act; proposed regulations; written contract provisions; link to NCARB for certification information and licensing requirements in other states; ARE statistics; publications and forms with online ordering; online forms to change address and to sign up for board mailing list; consumer guide and complaint form; list of enforcement actions; list of new licensees; design limitation chart for professions; newsletter; and licensing and legal updates.

California Housing Finance Agency

Contains loan terms, requirements, applications and other resources for multifamily new construction, acquisition/rehabilitation and special needs housing construction/rehabilitation programs. Includes information about permanent, bridge and pre-development loan programs and Architectural Processing Requirements. Provides information about Single Loan Reservation System that allows CHFA-approved lenders to lock in an interest rate on loans for both new construction and resale homes; lists CHFA approved lenders. Provides information about Self-Help Builder Assistance Program and list of non-profit builders.

California Resources Agency, Land Use Planning Information Network (LUPIN)

Contains city and county zoning ordinances; city and county plans; maps; spatial data; documents and publications by topic (economics, energy, licensing and permitting, planning, transportation, water); environmental assessment documents under review. Provides links to government, economic and demographic information; local organizations; and local built environment, planning, zoning, permitting and development information organized by county and by topic. California Voter Foundation Offers Internet Guide to California's elections and government. Lists large contributors to campaigns; provides election previews and results. Designed to help Californians learn how the State Capitol works and how to participate in the legislative process in a meaningful way. Contains links to California government agencies, political organizations, news media, etc. Lists California interest groups. Contains updated state Senate and state Assembly rosters and current legislative calendar.

Career Resource Network

Lists training opportunities; provides links to national and California job banks.

Department of Boating and Waterways

Provides information about grants and loans available to public entities for construction of boating facilities and to public and privately owned marinas for planning, construction, rehabilitation or expansion of small craft harbors and boating facilities. Includes grant guidelines, applications and a sample Construction Loan and Operation Contract. Includes full text of the National Boating Infrastructure Grant Program. Contains Boat Launching Facilities Design Handbook.

Department of Conservation, Geological Survey

Seismic Hazard Mapping Program provides online official maps of seismic hazards zones for San Francisco, Oakland, San Leandro, parts of San Jose, and the counties of Los Angeles, Orange, Santa Clara and Ventura; GIS files of earthquake fault zones around California. Includes full-text Guidelines for Evaluating and Mitigating Seismic Hazards in California; seismic hazard mapping bulletins; building permit fee and seismic hazard zoning information; strong motion data. Provides links to other natural hazards resources. Can order ICBO book of maps used in determining engineering factors for new construction in California.

Department of Corporations

Financial Services Division users can verify license information and address listings for California finance lenders, mortgage bankers and independent escrow companies by company name or license number.

Department of Finance

Economic Indicators are bimonthly summaries of economic trends and data available since 1998 that include statistics on employment and unemployment, wages and hours worked, consumer price index, construction starts, new business incorporations, housing unit authorizations, personal income, Department of Defense prime contracts, foreign trade through California ports. California County Profiles are compilations of economic, social and demographic data viewable in their entirety or by county. Includes California 5-year Infrastructure Plan and Capital Outlay and Infrastructure Report.

Department of General Services

California State Contracts Register lists state and local contracting opportunities for construction and services contracts over $5,000 and commodity contracts over $25,000 by category, contract number or agency. Agencies that list projects include the Department of General Services, Department of Transportation (CalTrans), Department of Corrections, University of California system, California State University system, California Community College system, Department of Water Resources, Department of Parks and Recreation, CalEPA, and some cities, counties, special districts, school districts and ports. Also lists contracts exempt from advertising requirements and awards; reports construction progress payments. Paid services include contractor advertisements and e-mail or fax delivery of opportunities. Includes State Contract Resource Packet and State Contracting and Purchasing Officials Directory. Contains Selling to California guide and project management bibliography. Small Business provides SBE and DVBE certification information and forms; searchable databases of certified SBEs and DVBEs; business community training and workshop listings; publications; State Contracting Manual. Database of standard forms can be searched by form number, title or category. Procurement Division contains model contract language. Procurement Division contains model contract language.

Department of General Services, Office of Public School Construction

Includes information about construction and financing programs, School Facility Guidebook, Cost Reduction Guidelines, Deferred Maintenance Program Handbook, forms, construction cost indices and pertinent regulations. Provides information about new construction and modernization grants; other funding information; project approvals; project tracking system. Prototype School Designs database includes planning program description, design information, construction data, site plans, floor plans, photos, CAD plan views, and school and architect contacts for selected California public schools. "Programs" includes Architect's Submittal Guidelines and current and historical construction cost indices.

Department of Health Services, Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Branch

Provides information about lead accreditation and certification program for inspectors/assessors, project monitors, project designers, supervisors, workers. Includes statutes and regulations; certification, training, education and experience requirements; certification forms; exam information and study guides; list of approved training courses; educational materials on lead in the workplace for construction and other industries. Provides listings of certified professionals by region and area code.

Department of Industrial Relations

Division of Occupational Safety and Health provides asbestos standards, information about contractor and consultant registration and training, and registrant databases. Includes information about high-hazard and other free employer consultation programs; crane certifier accreditation statutes, rules, database and accident report; catalog of publications, resources and posters on construction, construction ergonomics, injury and illness prevention, electrical safety, job safety and other topics; quarterly enforcement reports; information about crane, underground diesel and lead job permits; Policy and Procedures Manual; pressure vessel laws and unit contacts; proposed safety and health regulations; and Title 8 regulations. Elevator, Ride and Tramway Unit includes certification, variance and other forms; district office list; Elevator Safety Code; approved device list. Cal/OSH Appeals Board provides forms and appeal process overview. Division of Workers' Compensation includes system overview, worker and employer guides, decisions, reports, schedules, publications and forms, information about construction industry "carve out" programs, Industrial Medical Council treatment guidelines and publications, and information about certification for self-insurance plans. Can search Title 8, California Code of Regulations, which includes Cal/OSHA, Worker's Compensation, labor standards enforcement; links to California Labor Code. Division of Labor Statistics and Research includes prevailing wage determinations; overview of law on pre-qualification of contractors seeking to bid on public works projects and model forms; consumer price indexes, and occupational injuries and illnesses reports. Division of Apprenticeship Standards contains databases of public works apprenticeship programs; excerpts from Labor Code relating to apprentices on public works; Electrical Certification Program forms, statistics, exam content outline, FAQs, certified electrician list, regulations and electrical industry construction training criteria. Division of Labor Standards Enforcement provides required posting downloads, opinion letters, publications, wage claim information, public works contractor debarments, public works forms and regulations. State Mediation and Conciliation Service provides information about labor mediation services.

Department of Insurance

Includes database of licensed insurance companies by insurance line/class; premium comparisons; auto insurance information; enforcement actions against insurance companies; insurance company profiles, including complaint data for the latest three years. Can search for insurance broker's license status by name or license number. Provides insurance agent and insurer resources; California Workers' Compensation Insurance Market Overview; insurance company 800 numbers; and claim filing tips.

Department of Motor Vehicles

Includes full text of Vehicle Code sections governing construction equipment; information about applying for commercial driver's licenses; motor carrier permit forms. Visitors can make DMV appointments and renew vehicle registration online.

Department of Toxic Substances Control

Includes hazardous waste sites and facilities fact sheets and public notices, laws, regulations and publications. Hazardous Waste Management Permitting Division provides permit guidance documents, forms and permit action notices. Compliance Division provides enforcement information.

Department of Transportation (Caltrans)

Division of Procurement and Contracts lists contracts by category, including A/E and construction projects, with bid packages, bid openings and awards; includes CalTrans vendor guide; Contractor Reference Guide. Civil Rights Program provides D/M/W/DVBE program information, applications and certified firm search. Architectural and Engineering Contracts includes look-ahead report, contract awards, Consultant Guidelines for Prevailing Wage and Labor Compliance on Architectural and Engineering Contracts, Architectural and Engineering Handbook, and A/E forms. Division of Construction includes advance notices, CalTrans Construction Manual, policy bulletins, guidelines, working days calendar through 2010 used to compute estimated completion date of contracts, and rate and payment information. Contractor Interest Registry allows contractors to register their availability for future disaster or emergency work. Division of Design includes pavement guidance and specifications; Highway Design Manual; project development manuals; ADA and design guidance, policies; Storm Water Quality Design Guide; and value analysis guides and links. Office of State Landscape Architecture includes highway planting and irrigation specifications and manuals; scenic highway program guidelines; rest area system guide; highway barrier aesthetics reports; and visibility improvement guidelines. Division of Engineering Services includes structural and bridge design details, specifications and forms; structure construction technical manuals; seismic design criteria, technical reports and hazard map; Office of Structure Office Engineer standard specifications and cost estimates; and pavement and structural materials technical information. Office of Office Engineer includes asphalt price index, quarterly state highway construction cost index and contract item cost data summary; construction contract standards; and constructability review reports. Office of Special Funded Projects includes structures-related project development and design information; information and procedures guide; electronic plan submittal; manuals. Division of Project Management includes project delivery cost reports and guidance. Includes Safety Manual; commercial vehicle operations permit and encroachment permit manual and forms; environmental review documents.

Department of Water Resources

Division of Environmental Services includes Construction Storm Water Program forms, databases and FAQs; underground storage tank documents, forms and regulations; environmental site assessment information. Division of Engineering lists current projects and contacts; provides bid and specification links. Division of Planning and Local Assistance provides program overview, eligibility guidelines, application evaluation criteria, and terms for Water Conservation Bond Law loan and grant programs. Division of Dam Safety includes Guidelines for the Design and Construction of Small Embankment Dams and Water Code. Division of Land and Right of Way includes encroachment permit guidelines and forms. Division of Management Services provides contractor and permit forms.

Division of the State Architect (Department of General Services)

Includes information on access compliance fee; building code changes, including access compliance and structural safety notices; forms; online tracking system for DSA projects; school construction inspector certification information, forms, documents, seminar schedule; list of certified inspectors; project submittal and plan review process overview and guidelines. Universal Design page contains California Access Compliance Reference Manual and California Access Compliance draft checklists. State Historical Building Safety Board contains California Historical Building Code. Includes Division of the State Architect Interpretations of Regulations Manual.

Energy Commission

Contracts Office lists solicitations and contracts for energy innovations, A/E technical assistance, other services; funding availability notices. Energy Efficiency Division includes energy efficient appliance database; appliance efficiency rulemaking; full text of energy efficiency standards for residential and non-residential buildings (California Code of Regulations Title 24, Part 6); other energy efficiency standards; manuals; compliance forms; lighting efficiency technology report; Database for Energy Efficient Resources; Home Energy Rating System information; procedures for HVAC system design and installation; protocols for energy-efficient residential building envelopes; roster of certified energy plan examiners; list of approved computer programs for energy analysis; process energy publications; energy resource links; list of Energy Efficiency Division publications, with order information; and energy efficiency financing program information and application.

Environmental Protection Agency (Cal/EPA)

Includes enforcement policies; permit assistance links; handbooks, fact sheets, memos and reports; links to recent state environmental legislation. Air Resources Board includes training calendar; compliance assistance resources; list of financing assistance programs. Department of Toxic Substances Control includes public notices, forms and information about Brownfields financial incentive programs. Underground Storage Tank Program provides regulations and information about Upgrade Compliance Certification and UST Training Program. Integrated Waste Management Board provides information about recycling of construction and demolition debris and database of recyclers.

Franchise Tax Board

Provides California state tax forms and instructions; links to federal and other states' forms; Franchise Tax Board legal documents, including legal notices, rulings, proposed and final regulations; information about Electronic Funds Transfer for corporations. Business tax information includes small business assistance center, with topical guide; income and payroll tax seminar schedule; schedule of IRS workshops in California; forms; and publications.

High-Speed Rail Authority

Includes business plan, progress reports, project phases, action plans; lists upcoming meetings of the authority; links to information about high-speed rail.

Secretary of State: California Business Portal 

Can check records online for corporations, limited partnerships and limited liability companies. Business Filings Section contains Uniform Commercial Code financing and tax lien documents, corporate and other business entity documents, trademark/service mark registrations, and other statutorily required special filings. Provides informational materials; forms; list of fees for services to business entities and for filing financing statements, liens and other documents provided for under the Uniform Commercial Code; e-filing information. Includes directory of Secretary of State branch offices; list of chambers of commerce. Includes business start-up guide, business record search, notary public information, record order form and FAQs. International Business Relations Program lists foreign consulates and trade offices in California; international trade associations and partners.

Seismic Safety Commission

Contains Guide and Checklist for Nonstructural Earthquake Hazards in California Schools; Status of the Unreinforced Masonry Building Law; Finding and Recommendations on Hospital Seismic Safety; Built to Resist Earthquakes; Path to Quality Seismic Design and Construction for Architects, Engineers, Inspectors; Commercial Property Owner's Guide to Earthquake Safety; and Architectural Practice and Earthquake Hazards. Lists other publications available to order.

State Board of Equalization

Sales, use and property tax publications, forms and regulations, including audit manual and regulations pertaining to construction contractors; current legislative analyses; proposed regulations; information about sales and use tax registration; downloadable forms; electronic fund transfer information; taxpayer education information and seminars for small businesses; California sales and use tax rates by county; information about environmental taxes and fees.

State Treasurer: Financing Boards, Authorities and Commissions

Provides links to state financing boards, authorities and commissions, including: Alternative Energy and Advanced Transportation Financing Authority, Educational Facilities Authority, Health Facilities Financing Authority, Industrial Development Financing Advisory Commission, Pollution Control Financing Authority, School Finance Authority, Tax Credit Allocation Committee, and Urban Waterfront Area Restoration Financing Authority. Web page for each authority usually provides financing program overview, applications and forms, regulations, and program documents.

State Water Resources Control Board

Provides information about funding and loan programs, including for agricultural drainage, water quality, watershed protection, construction of wastewater treatment facilities, water recycling, groundwater improvement and protection, above-ground storage tanks, underground storage tank clean-up. Includes M/WBE participation guide, contract preparation guide, forms, project schedules and contract/grant summaries. Underground Storage Tank Program provides leak prevention statutes, regulations, technical documents, guidance, training requirements and forms; clean-up cost guidelines and guide to hiring consultants; tank tester licensing information; lists of licensed testers and leak detection equipment; training requirements.